Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jessica's portacath

Hello everyone it's been so long! I was thinking about her blog this morning and thought I can't remember the last time I was on there, so here we r. Jessica is doing fantastic! She is going to be starting school pretty soon, so hard to believe! My baby got phnemonia in the begining of the year and then again in June but is doing great! She was not happy to be back in the hospital! She will be getting her port removed on Aug. 9th it si so exciting and scarry at the same time. Jessie is not ready for that she says," that's my port I don't want then to take it out". I think because she has had it since she was a baby it's become a part of her and she does'nt wasn't want them to take it from her but they did say she can keep it so that's kind of cool! So On September 11 we will be doing a walk for Jessie and I would love for everyone to come out and join us as it will be a celebration of Life! It is going to be amazing!!Thank u everyone for the prayers and will keep u updated!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jessica is now 4

It's been so long! Jessie is doing great! She is now 4 and hard to believe. She has me going crazy at times and I love it! She is still going to the doctors once a month, some times twice. We go every three months still for an ultra sound we have talked about maybe taking her port out and I was thinking maybe December! I am just scared about the whole thing but it has to happen sooner or later! The whole surgery thing really freaks me out! Lately I have been having lot's of flash backs of the past! I just pray to God every night that he keeps my Jessie healthy and stong! As for Hailee she is doing good my baby is now a third grader and is loving it! She now goes to a new school. We had to walk away from our house and that was really hard but all that matters is that my baby is healthy! Thank you God for my wonderful family and friends for supporting us and being there when we most needed them! Thanks for all the prayers and promise to keep updating!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Everyone

Jessica is doing great! She has been going to the doctors twice a month. She is doing so good it's almost starting to just feel like a bad dream! They have even started to talk about taking her portacath out but I don't think I'm ready! We are all going to Ronald McDonald camp this weekend. We went last year and had so much fun we are going with some friends this year that we have met threw softball. And now there like family!I want to Thank everyone for all your support and prayers. A special Thank You to Adoni for the Easter Basket Party the girls had so much fun and really enjoyed all there goodies! Thank You

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ultra Sound

Jessica had an ultra sound in March. At first I was not really feeling the ultra sound because the last time they did one they thought they saw something but it was a false alarm. So I was a little scared but the doctor said they can 't keep doing ct scans every three months because it's too much radiation. So they are going to alternate. So needless to say my babies test came back great! Thank You God! That is two clear test so in June they will do another test. They even talked about maybe taking her portacath out in July if her test looks good, that is a little scary but exciting. It's so exciting to see my baby growing up and having more of a normal life! Jessica will be going to Disneyland in May with Make A Wish. Jessica's wish was to meet Mickey Mouse so they are making it happen. We are all so excited and need a vacation! Make A Wish is so wonderful! I will give more details when I get them. Please keep Praying for my baby! Thank You!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sorry it's been so Long

Hello every one it's been a long time, I'm really sorry but some times I just want to stay away so I don't have to remember it all. I just want to wake up and hope this was all a bad dream and every thing is going to be great from now on. So anyways Jessie was tested in November 2008 and they had first done an ultra sound and there was something they saw that they didn't like so they done a CT Scan and every thing came back clear. Than You God! It had been a long time since we had received any good news. So Jessie is in remission. She is doing great and has so much hair. She has even got her apatite back and has gained a little bit of weight! She is so beautiful! I will post some pictures!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessi

It's so hard to believe that my baby is 3 now! Jessi turned three on October 7th. She had a great birthday. We didn't get to throw her the huge party that we would have love to do but she's at that age where she really doesn't know better. As long as she has a cake my baby is happy! Jessi thinks it's her birthday all the time because we like to celebrate her being home or when she goes in for a procedure and we will bake a cake and she thinks it's her birthday and we sing Happy Birthday to her. Anything to make her feel special.

Ct scan

Hello everyone sorry it's been so long but we no longer have Internet so it's a little harder for me to get to her blog but any ways.Jessi had her ct scan on September 11. It went really well. Jessi is usually sedated and I told the nurse I really think we can try to get her to do it without and guess what mommy was right. So a couple days later Dr. Horvath and said that the results were in and she said the lesion that was that was there before is smaller then what it was and there are no new lesions. What ever that means. So basically what it comes down to is that we have to wait another three months and do another ct scan and then they can compare them. So meanwhile we have to keep Jessi healthy and take her in for blood counts and to get her port flushed. And keep praying!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Radiation Follow up appt.

Jessica had a radiation follow up appointment on September 9th at Sunset Kaiser. At 11:00am. Dr. Wang wanted to see Jessi, and to make sure she was doing okay from her radiation. He said she looks great and he hopes she has a great life and he wants me to send him pictures of when she goes to school and Christmas and he made me feel like Jessi was going to be okay, I started to get a little emotional. I just want Jessi to live a normal life and be healthy.Is that alot to ask for. Anyways Jessi is having an ultra sound September 11th at 10:00am. So here we go again lets pray for good results.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Jessi is sick

It was Monday night September first and we had a great day at Papa and Nana's swimming. Jessica also got to swim. When we went home it was bed time and Jessi went to bed okay and then probably an hour later she woke up crying and I asked her what was wrong and she wouldn't say anything then I got her back to sleep and not 15 minutes later it was the same thing. It really started to scare us because she wouldn't say what was wrong, then she started to say she was scared and then she said her tummy hurt so she couldn't get her story straight. Let me tell you it was an all night thing. So about five in the morning she started to get sick then I really freaked. It just brought back bad memories so we toke her to the doctors because now she was feeling really warm and had a runny nose. So the doctor said she has a cold and if her fever kept going up they were going to admit her. I'm not kidding my heart feel out, I didn't think it was possible for her to get admitted when she wasn't doing chemo. Oh, no doctor informed me that any time she starts to run a high fever she will be admitted for the next year.I Don't like that. So I asked if I could give her some Tylenol and thank god he said yes. So bet your butt I ran down to the pharmacy.I also got her some Dimetapp for her runny nose. We had to hang out at her doctors for about an hour and a half and they checked her temperature again and it had gone down. Thank you God! He also informed us that she can not go swimming any more.Jessi is going to be very upset because she loves to swim good thing it's going to start cooling off pretty soon I hope.I also got a date for her ct scan which will be on September 11th. So I will keep you all updated. And it's been a couple days and Jessi is feeling much better.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doctor appt.

Jessica went in to see her doctor the other day to get her labs done her doctor hadn't seen her in a while because we had been going to Sunset Kaiser. She had her blood drawn and the next step is an MRI. They need to wait a couple weeks for that so Dr. Horvath said enjoy your life for a couple weeks and I said okay sure, I mean it's nice not having to go in for a little bit but at the same time I can't stop thinking about her MRI. I pray every night to God, please cure my baby let this all be over, let her live her life as a healthy baby! I don't have a date yet so please keep her in your prayers! Thank You

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hi there everyone! Jessi had an appointment with Dr. Wang on July 29th who is a radiation specialist. Jessi has to have radiation because when they did surgery they think there still maybe some of the tumor left. One of the tumors was so close to one of her artery lines, so to be on the safe side they want to treat it with radiation for seven days! The treatment is only five minutes but they have to sedate her because she has to be super still. She will be getting her treatments in Sunset Kaiser which is in LA. So needless to say Jessi and I will be commuting. She has to be there at 8:00am so that means we have to leave our house at 5:45 am to beat traffic and Jessi can't have anything to eat or drink so that will be a fun ride! I really want to thank all our friends at Mission lei Community church for helping out with gift cards and a gas card. We are so Thankful to have such wonder full friends in our lives. Jessica is all done with radiation. It made her sick at times and tired but other then that Jessi is doing great, she is so amazing. And we love her so much you should see her now she has a head full of hair it's so beautiful. Thank you for all your support and prayers!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jessica is Home

Hi there everyone! Jessi is home a feeling much better! As everyone one knows Jessi had surgery. It happen so fast her surgeon called me on a Monday and said,"Pre op tomorrow and surgery on Thursday." I didn't know what to say. But okay! They had found two spots on Jessi's kidney and they needed to go in and see what they were, they said one for sure is scare tissue but the other one they didn't know. Her surgery was three hours long. We had to check in at 5:30 am and Jessi knew some thing was up, she was not happy! After surgery the doctor came up to see us and said they had biopsied them and they both came back as tumors. One of them was really close to a blood artery and he tried to get as close as possible but he thinks he got it all. They send it out for a biopsy and then they will let us know what the next step is. We went to see Jessi in the recovery room and the first thing she said to us is that her tummy hurts. She broke my heart! All her other surgery's Jessi didn't talk so now she could not tell me what she was feeling and I don't know if I liked that. But anyways Jessi got to come home on Sunday July 20th. She is doing great. We have an appointment on July 29th to see a radiation doctor in LA. We talked to doctor Horvath and they want to give her some radiation. Then do another MRI and then she said she should be quiet for a while. Let me see is that telling me that the tumors are going to come back? Anyways she did say if they come back there is nothing they could do anymore they would have to remove the kidney and put her on dialysis.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good evening Friends,

Tomorrow is the big day. Jessica is going in for surgery at 7:30 am. The doctor expects it to take about three hours. We will keep you posted as soon as we know anything. Please keep us all in your prayers. Thank you for all your support.

Friday, July 11, 2008


It was Thursday June 26 and Jessi was scheduled for her MRI. I thought the ride there was going to be horrible but it really wasn't bad. I had to put some cream on Jessi's porticath so I think that had her worried because she was not herself on the way there she was very quiet and had her head down almost, like she was thinking about what they were going to do to her because right before we pulled up to the hospital she got sick! My poor baby is so tired of this! When we got there they got her ready and gave her some medicine by mouth to sedate her and of course like the last time they didn't give her enough because the moment we laid her down she was up but very drunk like, it was a little funny but sad. They had to order more meds and then we gave them to her and after a few minutes she was out! After her testing we have to go back to our room and wait till she wakes up and then we can go home! Before we even left we called the doctor to see if she had looked at her results and she had. They found two spots on the bottom of her kidney, one was there before and is still the same size, so they think that might be scar tissue but the other spot is new so there are a little concerned. She called her surgeon to see if he could look at her test and see if he feels it's safe to go back in. We then heard from her a couple days later and she still wasn't sure on what they were going to do. She said maybe will just do radiation or maybe we will leave it alone or go back in. She also said she was going to send Jessi's test to a doctor from St. Judes hospital to see what he thought. She then had a Tumor board meeting and they decided the best thing to do was go in and cut that little piece off to see what it is! And now we are waiting to hear from the surgeon to see what his plan is and when she is having surgery.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ultra sound

Jessi went in on June 10th to see her doctor and Dr. Haghighat wants her to have an ultra sound. Now we are not too thrilled about this because we want an MRI or a CT scan. But anyways she is scheduled for one on June 12th at 3:00. We went back to see the doctor on June 17th to get results and they said her kidney looks normal that is awesome news but we want another test to be done because we don't think an ultra sound is good enough. It's been a week later and doctor just called an she is scheduled to have an MRI on Thursday June 26th at 9:30 am. So we are very excited and are praying for the best! I want to Thank you all, for all the prayers. I will keep you all updated!

jessi's doctor visit

Jessi had a doctors appointment on Friday June 6th. The doctor thought she would need platlits and little do you know she pulled threw just how I expected. She did not need them! We were all so excited. We are now waiting to here from the doctor to see what is next!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Doctor visits

Jessi has been in a few times to the doctors and her counts have been low so I had to give her neupogen and that's been really hard because she does not like it at all. She has woken up out of her sleep saying," Mommy don't give me an owe please don't give me a shot." It is breaking my heart and I don't know how this is going to keep affecting her. I tell her mommy is not giving her any more owes we are all done with that. I took her back to the doctors on June 3rd and her platelets are low so I take her back Friday to see if they are coming up. If not she will probably get some Platelets. I know she is going to bring them up all on her own! She's my fighter!


It was May 19th and Jessi is going in for her last scheduled chemo so excited! Though it was kind of hard because daddy is going out of town to take a class for work so he was not around to help me with Hailee! Not easy. Hailee had such a hard time going to school Monday and Tuesday and I only made her go those days because she had softball practice and she could not miss, Hailee made All Stars so she had to be there.We are so proud of her! So Jessi had her seven hour chemo Monday and on Tuesday and her one hour Wednesday doctor was so nice she let us come home that night if I promised to give her lots of fluids. Any thing to come home!Ya we are done with chemo. Big relieve now the waiting game. We have to wait till her counts get better and then she will schedule an MRI. Over all Jessi is doing fantastic, her hair is even coming back already it's beautiful! Thank you for all you support and prayers and lets keep praying for the best! Jessi can beat this!

Jessi's doctor visits

Sorry, I've been so busy. Between Jessi and Hailee's softball, I feel like I have no time or no energy to do anything! I know that's not a good enough excuse I'm sorry! Any ways Jessi is doing great! She has been to the doctors a couple times and her counts have been a little low but mommy gives her neupogen and that helps! She is now ready for her three day chemo.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Jessie's five day chemo

I took Jessie in to the clinic so they could do labs to make sure Jessie was ready for chemo. They came back okay, so we got admitted. They started chemo that night about nine o'clock and got her two hour chemo going. She had her chemo every day till Friday. Richard and Hailee couldn't come see us a couple nights because Hailee had couple of softball games so I want to say Thank You to Marci for coming out and bringing me dinner and spending some time with us! Thank You again Marci! It really means alot to us! WONDERFUL NEWS Jessi potty trained her self there it was wonderful! I was pushing off the potty training because of the hospital visits, they are hydrating her the whole time and she has to go potty often. So I thought I would wait but I guess I was wrong. I guess that saying is true when there ready there ready ! I Love it! It is a whole new world! Now I'm the mom driving around with the potty in the car it is great! Thank you again Jessie you are saving us lots off money!lol So Hailee had a game Saturday morning I asked the doctor if there was any way we could check out of there early and she said there wouldn't be a problem so my wonderful nurse checked us out by 5:45 am. So Jessie and I wanted to come home and surprise Hailee and daddy! So as we pulled up Richard was walking out of the house but he hadn't seen us. Then he turned his truck on and looked over and saw us. He was so surprised to see us that early, he was on his way to surprise us with breakfast and so I could get ready so I could go see Hailee's game.That was really nice of him I'm just glad we ran in to each other or that could have been bad!So anyway Jessie is doing great and we have one more treatment!

So Much Fun!

Jessie got to go to Prom! We had so much fun! We got there about 1:30 and Hailee, Jessie, and mommy had our make-up done. Then they did Hailee's hair and mommy's hair we felt like princesses and we looked like them too! lol So the prom started at 4:00 and we were ready to party! It was so cool, when we walked up they had the red carpet going it was so awesome they make you feel so important and special they gave us girls corsages and daddy got a boutonniere. We then got seated and the girls wanted to get out on the dance floor and boggy. They had so much fun! Jessie is still talking about it and wants to go again!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Jessica had a doctors appt. on April 21st. Jessica was going in to get her blood counts checked to see if she was ready for chemo. Her counts came back good to go but I had already talked to her doctor about going to her prom. I had asked if we could wait till Monday. She said it would be okay for her to go and to have a good time. I am so excited about going we are going to have a great time together.Jessi loves to dance so she will be shacking her booty on the dance floor! But then on Monday back to the hospital for six days not looking forward to that but after that, one more treatment let! yay

Prom Night

Jessi and her family were invited to Prom Night! It is hosted by friends of Adonai Non-Profit Organization. We were invited last year and we could not go because she was in the hospital. This year we are going to make it work. This event is on Sunday April 27th at 4:00pm. They are providing Corsages and Boutonnieres and portrait photos and they will have door prizes. They have also provided dresses for us girls to wear, that we get to keep! They are also providing Make-up Artist and Hair Stylists for us. Hailee and I are very exited! This organization is the greatest.If any one has any dresses that don't fit and want to donate them let me know they could use them, to donate them next year to other families! Thanks

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Jessica had an a appointment with the Make A Wish Foundation The Make A Wish Foundation fulfills wishes for all children with life-threatening medical conditions. This is an opportunity for renewed hope and spirit, a chance to enjoy childhood again. It is not intended as a last wish. So we were so excited for Jessi! Jessi was interviewed and they asked what she wanted for her wish and what do you know she said she wanted to go see Mickey Mouse! She had asked us if we had thought about a place to go and we said a little. We had told them she really likes Mickey Mouse so we thought Walt Disney World was a place we thought she would enjoy! We would all enjoy!!!!! They asked her to draw where she would like to go and she drew Mickey Mouse! Well she tried! So she now has to talk to her doctor and see if and when Jessi can go out of the state and when she thinks that it's okay! We are super excited because right about now we all need a vacation!!!! This organization is so awesome they absolutely pay for everything! When we go we get to stay in this place called"Give kids the world"it's absolutely amazing if you get a chance go on there website and check it out! So this is something we are all looking forward to, so our goal is for Jessi to get better soon so we can go!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doctors Appointment

Jessi went in for labs on April 15th. Hoping her counts are okay so we can start chemo! I later got a call from a doctor and she said her counts are still low so we have to wait another week for chemo and she needs to bring them up on her own. Now we wait and hope she is good for next Weeks five day chemo!

Platelets Transfusion

It is Wednesday morning and were off on another early day and Jessi is not happy! Same thing as yesterday they hook her up to an Iv and wait for her platelets to come in. Platelets look like apple juice. Strange but true. Any hoot Jessi did great and that took about two and a half hours. So now my baby is all charged up! Ready to go! Thank everyone for checking up on us! Please keep on praying!

Blood Transfusion

Jessi has to be there bright and early! We go in and they get her started on an Iv until
they get her blood in which didn't take long by the way Jessica's blood type is B positive. Her blood got there so they hooked it up to her line and it toke about three hours . But overall she did great! When it was all done they have to draw her blood and see if her body took it. They later called me saying her Platelets are too low so she needs to come in tomorrow for another transfusion. Not thrilled!

April 7th doctors appt.

Jessi had a doctors appointment for labs to see how her counts are! We go in and do her usuall weight height and temperature and blood pressure and the doctor See's her and checks her ears her tummy and her throat. Jessi weights 30 pounds and is three and a half feet tall!Big Girl! We then got to go home and I get a call from the doctor that I need to take Jessi in in the morning because she is going to need a blood transfusion.


It was Tuesday Morning about 2:00 am and Jessi was having a bad night! I felt her forehead and she was hot so I got our stuff ready and off we went! Of course we were admitted and the started her on antibiotics. The ride there was miserable Jessi screamed the in tire time as she was getting sick and telling me," Mommy please take me home." She knew where we were going it broke my heart. Let me tell you that hospital visit was not pleasant at all. Not that the other times are but she made every ones lives miserable usually she is cool with the nurses not this time she had, had enough! She would tell me everyday mom I want to go home. And even though she wasn't running a fever anymore we have to wait for the blood culture to come back to make sure she didn't have an infection. So we are looking at three days. We had just been there the week before so I know that had something to do with it. She was probably thinking it's not time for me to be here yet!


Monday morning and we are going to get admitted for chemo. My day started like any other day. I got Hailee off to school with out her knowing because I didn't want to her to have a bad day I figured it was a three day chemo so I would try to get her to go to school those days. So anyway Jessi started chemo that day, a seven hour chemo! Hate it! This time around Jessi was a little more sick so that was not fun at all. Although it did seem to go pretty fast since it was only a three day and I got to go in the morning of! Sorry it took me so long I have been a little out of it and not feeling like myself. I don't know if it's because it's getting close to her treatments being over and having to wait for results and what will be happening then. I just don't know maybe it's just depression!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Doctors appointment

Tuesday March 18th. Off we go to the doctors again. Jessi is not happy. I tell myself she should be used to it now but I think it's worse every time. Soon it will all be over. Back for labs. Her counts came back great so we will be admitted on Monday for a three day chemo we should start chemo on the 20th but Dr. Horvath did not want us to spend Easter there so that was really nice. Thank you! I hope you all have a Happy Easter !

Dr. appt.

Jessi had an appointment on March 14th for labs. They came back really well but that's because she was on neupogen for three days. So they want us back on Tuesday to see how they are. So we had a wonderful weekend. Hailee has started softball and loves it. Dad has been practicing pitching with her so she has started to pitch and is doing great. Jessi is also loving it because she gets to go see her Sissy play ball!I think what she really likes is the snack bar because she gets anything she wants. She loves it so if anyone ever wants to come see a game let me know and I'll let you know her schedule!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Check up

Back to the doctors on March 11th. Jessi knows the way and does not want to go she says the doctor is going to give her an owe! I don't know if she was not feeling well or if she got car sick or if she is having anxiety because it never fails it's right when we pull up to the hospital. So she went in for labs and her counts are really low so were back on neupogen for three days and then were back on Friday. We found out today that one of Jessi's friends Passed away on Saturday so our hearts and prayers are with his family.It is so hard to hear news like this but at the same time I know he's in a better place because he was really sick but I just pray to god not to take my baby from me so please continue to pray for her. Thank you Jessi has three more chemo rounds and then there going to do more test so lets pray for the best!THANK YOU!

Doctor appt.

Jessi had a doctors appointment on March 6th. She had her blood checked and her counts were low so the doctor wants me to give her a shoot of neupogen today and tomorrow to help her build her counts. So hard for me to do! But it has to be done to help my baby.She has her next appointment on March 11th.

Doctor appt./chemo

Jessi had an appointment Wednesday February 27th. They did blood work and every thing came back good.She is finally ready for chemo.I know that doesn't sound good but the quicker she gets her chemo the quicker our lives could be back to normal. Jessi is going in Wednesday night so they can hydrate her all night and they can start chemo Thursday.She has chemo for five days.She has two hours of chemo. One hour of one and one hour of the other. Jessi did really good she loved having her visitors. It's hard to be there all that time so any visitors really helps her. If you call and talk to her she will tell you come see me! Her treatment was over on Monday so Tuesday morning we got to come home. It was really nice because our sissy was really missing us. Now she is scheduled for an appointment on March 6.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mommy Donated her hair!

It was Monday February 18th. My sister in law and I went down to Fantastic Sam's and donated our hair to Locks Of Love! It was great! It was something I felt I needed to do and I did it! They need 10 inches and that's about all I had for them so my hair is super short. My sister in law had super long hair she probably had enough for two donations but she wanted to keep some of her length.Thank you so much Evelyn for doing that for Jessi and I it means so much to us. We love you! So if you ever plan on cutting your hair and it's 10 inches or more than really think about donating it, it's for a great cause.I just learned how to add pictures so you'll be seeing more of my family.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Check Up

I took Jessi to the clinic on Febuary 4th.Her Platelets were a little low.I went back on Febuary 7th and they were even lower so she got a Platelet transfusion that day. Now her chemo is getting pushed back a week. I went back on Febuary 11th and every thing is still low. I had another appointment on Valentin's Day if every thing comes back better she will start the following week so we are hoping for the best.They called me after her results and they are still low. So it's getting pushed back another week. Not good. Her white blood counts are too low there at 200 and for chemo she has to be at 1500. I hope next week she is doing better. Jessi has lost her hair her little head reminds me of a new born baby. She has peach fuss hair. I love it and she looks beautiful.


Jessi went to the clinic for her reagular check up and blood work.Jessi goes twice a week for check ups.Her hemoglobin came back too low so the doctor called me and said we had to come to the hospital to get a blood transfusion. We arrived at 7:00p.m and got released at 1:00a.m we were super tired. jessi did great.

Second Chemo

It was Monday night January 21st. Jessi was going in for her second chemo. It was going to be her three day chemo. Jessi is going to be hydrated all night and they will start her chemo on Tuesday afternoon. Hailee is going to stay with me this time around. Hailee's school has allowed us to do Independent studies while we are at the hospital because she is having a real hard time about me leaving. It's going to be nice because she is going to keep me company.Tuesday they started her chemo and while the nurse was getting it ready I asked her if it was her 1hour chemo. She said no it's her six hour chemo, I swear to you I almost fell over. I had no idea it was going to be that long. I just started thinking all that poison going threw her body for that long. It just really bothered me. She has that one for two days. Then after that she has an hour chemo, a total of seven hours. Her one hour chemo is three days. Jesssi did pretty well.We got to come home Friday morning it was great!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


It was Thursday ,January 10th Jessie had gone to the doctors to have her blood counts checked. She had been there a few days before and they were low. They had to injected her with something called nupagen to get her white blood counts up. I then took her Thursday ,and they then called me later at home to tell me that I needed to inject her with her medicine to help her counts. It was one of the hardest things I had to do but I did it. That same night she started to run a fever. We had to take her in and they admitted her. They put her on medication and they checked for any kind of infection and every thing came back okay they released her on Sunday. I had asked the nurse if she had ran a fever, because I had given the injection wrong and she said no,that never happens. It's just somthing she came down with. That made me feel better.We have to keep very healthy, so she doesn't come down with anything, but I don't want to spend every day at the hospital.

Jessie's First Chemo Again

It was Sunday December 30th. We took Jessie in for her five day chemo. We had to bring her in on Sunday so they can Hydrate her. On Monday they started her chemo at 12:00 noon. She had her first chemo that was an hour long.After that she had her second chemo that was also an hour long. She did very well she amazes us every day. We did that till Friday, she got sick a couple times but over all she did great. It seemed forever. Her chemo was over on Friday but they kept us an extra day so they could keep hydrating her,then we were free to go. Unless she continuied to be sick or ran a fever. I'm really sorry I haven't up dated I've just been real busy!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The plan

We had an appointment with her doctor and they want to do chemo again. They are going to do a more aggressive chemo to get what ever it is they see on her other kidney they want to make sure they kill all of her cancer cells because she is down to one kidney! She has to be admitted for five days and have chemo all five days she will have two one hour sessions each day and they have to constantly be monitoring her because this is some strong stuff if Jessi does okay we will probably get to come home but if she doesn't we will have to stay longer. Jessi has to build up her blood counts to be ready for her next treatment which will be every third week. She then goes for three days of chemo. We are looking at six months of this. Hoping she stays healthy so it doesnt get prolonged.Please keep her in your prayers and don't forget to come see her that is what is going to keep her going make sure your not sick. I have to stop working for a while and that kills me because these kids I watch are Jessi's friends and she loves them and they love her.They have also become our family.Jessi is scheduled to go in on Sunday December 30th at 7:00pm. They want to hydrate her all night before they start chemo in the morning. Jessi has a little cough so hopfully that doesnt effect her and delays it.I will keep you updated and have a happy New Year!


Jessica's surgery was December 10th. We had to be there at 5:30 in the morning. Jessica was scheduled to have her surgery at 8:00 and by George there were on schedule. My poor baby had no idea. They gave her some stuff to make her be a little out of it so when they toke her from us she wouldn't completely freak out. That is one of the hardest moments when they take her from me.Then the waiting game they finally came to us at 11:30 and said she was done and we could see her in a bit. That is one of the most relieving moments but also hurtful because I have to see her with all those tubes attached to her.Jessica was pretty out of it the first couple days and in lots of pain. But then she bounced back she was ready to start moving around a little and wanting to play. We then had to wait for Jessi to poop and by Friday she pooped for us. You have never seen some parents so happy and excited over a poopy diaper the nurses were laughing at us so we asked if they could let her doctor know so we could bring he home!The feeling of leaving the hospital is like giving birth to her and bringing her home for the very first time and letting her see the world it is such a beautiful feeling! Jessica is doing great and she got to be home for Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pre op appointment Dec.6th

Jessie had her pre op appointment on Dec. 6 th at 2:30. We left about 12:30 and Jessie slept most of the way. Of course she woke up right before we got there. You'll never believe what she
said. The moment she saw the parking structure she said mommy Doctor for me he give me owe it broke my heart. I told her no baby there only going to check your ears she said okay. When we talk to the doctor he told us she had a few tumors on her right kidney so he was going to try to go in and see if he could save her kidney but he was most likely going to remove it. Her surgery is going to be Dec. 7th but he had to push it till Monday Dec. 10th. You know that was also really hard for us because we prepare ourselves for this then it gets pushed out don't get me wrong I loved the fact I got to bring my baby home for a couple of days. As we were registering her we got a call from the doctor saying we had to take her back to the hospital and take her to gets a ct Scan on her chest, abdomen and pelvic area. Now this should be interesting because she is usually sudated but any way he needs this before surgery. So we get there and they want her to drink some contrast, ya right. So they bring it out in a cup with a straw and she wants no part of it so then I thought maybe if we put it in a bottle she will drink it. I took her off the bottle a little more then a month ago she looked at me with a grin then put it in her mouth and took it right out and she said no mommy! She wanted no part of it.So then we had to bribe her. It took forever but she drank some of it. Then they had to give an Iv in her arm and we were not to happy about that because we are use to having them always access her portacath but this nurse was not comfortable doing that so that was an adventure but over all she did great I am so proud of her! We then got called in for her ct scan and she screamed and cried and we had to tell her that it was going to be okay and that they were only taking a picture of her belly and they were not going to hurt her any more. We had gotten a cup and put popcorn in it that one of the nurses gave us so we could bribe her when she was getting her ct scan because Jessie loves popcorn. We told her if you get your picture taken we will give it to you let me tell you it worked. She did great so maybe this means she will never have to be sedated again. Hopefully We left the hospital about 9:15 long day! Next morning I got a call from Dr. Lee's nurse and she said they forgot to take a chest x ray and I needed to go back but she made arraignments for me to go to Riverside Kaiser instead of sunset kaiser. We were pretty mad. But what can we do. So Jessie has to be checked in by 5:30 in the morning Monday Dec. 10th. We will keep you updated.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Pre op appointment

We received a call from the surgeon today and he wants Jessie in on Thursday Dec. 6th for her pre op. So he's shooting for surgery on Friday Dec. 7th. He really didn't say much but he did say that he really doesn't know how much of her kidney he is taking till he gets in there.So know all we can do is pray!PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BABIES WELL BEING!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not Good

Here we are again! I'm really sorry to all of you that try to see how Jessie is doing, You know I felt that if I stayed away I would forget about all this! But here we are again. Jessica is doing GREAT! She is two now and is talking up a storm! I have taken her off the bottle and she is eating us out of a house!jk Jessica had a MRI appointment yesterday November 27 th. We had to be at the hospital at 7:30. She had to be sedated and then we took her to get tested. When we arrived they put her on the table and they tried putting ear plugs in her ears and she some what woke up swinging at them so they rocked her back to sleep and tried again but was not working they let me in to calm her and she still was not cooperating so they called her nurse to bring more meds. When I gave her the medicine she then proceeded to throw up. Then we waited a little while and she was out. We then put in her ear plugs and started the test I can't believe how loud that machine is. After testing we went back to her room to let her rest and waited till she woke up!By 2:15 we were leaving the Hospital! We now have to wait for the doctor to call. She called later that night and said There were some spots where there were nest and they have grown so know she is trying to get a hold of her surgeon to see if it is safe to go in and remove them or if they should start chemo again. So at this point we don't know how big they are or what there doing so I promise to keep every one updated and please keep praying for her! Love you all!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


It was Friday September 7 th and Jessie went in for her results and her blood drawn. So the doctor said that the spots that they see on the CT scan are the same spots they saw on her last ct after surgery. So they are calling them scar tissue. There are no other spots, now Jessie goes in every three months and has to have a MRI and they are going to have to do that for along time. We want to make sure it doesn't come back. Jessie has alot of little nests in her kidneys so they want to make sure they remain none active. In six months after they have done two MRI"S and every thing looks okay they might consider taking her portacath out put till then we only have to take her in once a month to get her blood drawn and for them to flush her portacath!So Richard looked at the doctor and said so can we say our daughter is cancer free and she said,"NO you can't say that but you can say she is in remission." That will work for us!Thanks again for all your prayers!

Ct scan

It was August 30th. Jessie was going in for her ct scan. We were all very nerves. My mom went with me that day because Richard had to work. It was 8:30 am and we were checking in. You know it really drives me crazy when I have to walk in there and tell the nurses what to do any way they made her drink some stuff called contrask and then we have to wait two hours before they can sedate her. When they sedated her we strolled her over to get her ct scan and that was so hard to stand there while it's getting done and nobody can tell you anything. We then went back to her room and waited till she woke up, then we got to take her home! So know we wait for the Doctor to call us and give us her results. Very Frustrating

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Jessica's appointment

It was Friday August 24 th. Jessie went in and had her blood drawn and all her blood counts came back great. We also have a ct appointment which is Thursday August 30th at 9:oo. So we are praying for good news!

Chemo appointment

It was Friday August 17th. Jessie went in for chemo and hoping and praying that we don't ever have to have chemo again because today is Jessie's last chemo on the road map. Today is very exciting! Jessie has came a long way, so know we wait for the ct appointment so they can see what's going on and where we go from here!

Jessica's appointment

It was Friday August 10th. Jessie went in and got her blood work done and we were out of there. We are really liking these doctor's appointment because we are in and out and she doesn't have to have chemo every Friday.

Jessica's appointment

It was August 3rd. We took Jessie in for her blood work to be done and she got that done and every thing came back great! Our baby is doing so well I want all of you to know that we gave Jessie a hair cut because her hair was breaking off every where so I took her in so they can even it all out and she looks too cute we love it! She sat real still in the begging and then she wanted no part of it but over all she did good. I also want everyone to know that Hailee went in to have an ultra sound done to make sure everything was alright and everything came back good.

Jessie's chemo

It was Friday July 27th. We took Jessie to her doctor's appointment she was going in for her chemo. We went in and they did her usual and then drew her blood to make sure it was OK to get her chemo and sure enough every thing came back okay. She then got her chemo and then we took her home. My baby did get a little sick but over all she did really well. I'm really sorry I haven't been keeping everybody up to date but I'm working on it! Thanks

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jessica's appointment

It was Friday July 20th. Jessie went in to get her blood drawn. It was a quick doctor's appointment. We came home and a couple hours later her doctor called and said I would have to bring her to the hospital because her Hemoglobin came back too low and she will need a blood transfusion. Richard and I were not too thrilled but, what can we do.We asked if we could donate blood but they don't want us to because they said if she would ever need a bone marrow transplant and we were a match it might reject it because she has had our blood.I took her in at 4:45 and we left about 11:45 pm. She did very well and has much more energy.For those who don't know what Hemoglobin is,it is a protein that is carried by red cells. It picks up oxygen in the lungs and delivers it to the peripheral tissues to maintain the viability of cells. Hemoglobin is made from two similar proteins that "stick together". Both proteins must be present for the hemoglobin to pick up and release oxygen normally. One of the component proteins is called alpha, the other is beta. Before birth, the beta protein is not expressed. A hemoglobin protein found only during fetal development, called gamma, substitutes up until birth. So Jessie is doing great!We are trying to keep her nice and healthy for Friday, she has chemo!

Jessie's appointment

It was Friday July 13th. Jessie went in for blood work she did really well and she is such a ham she walks in there like it's her world and her nurses feed right in to her! She is just the most beautiful baby! anyways we got a call from the doctor the nigh saying her Hemoglobin was a little low and they were going to monitor it.

Chemo appointment

It was Friday July 7th.Jessie had her chemo appointment. She did really well she was a little sick that weekend but for the most part she did really well we still have no date on her next ct scan so we are waiting for that.Thanks again for all you prayers and comments I'm trying really hard to keep you all updated!Thanks

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jessica's appointment

It was Friday June 29 and Jessie had her doctors appointment. It was a quick visit and she got her blood drawn and every thing was good. They recommended us to take Hailee in for an ultra sound just to make sure every thing is okay. So we are waiting to hear from them to see when they have an appointment for her. Jessie is doing so good and she is starting to use her words more we are so excited!

Jessica's appointment

It was Friday morning on June 22. Jessie had to go in for blood work. It was a quick and easy doctors appointment.We go in every Friday for blood work to make sure all her blood counts are good and every third Friday she gets her chemo. If any thing is wrong with her blood counts they call me and we have to go back. I'm really sorry it's been a while since I've up dated but mommy's back to work and I'm so tired by the end of the day. Jessie is doing great!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jessica's thirteenth treatment / Results

It's Friday morning June 15th. Jessie is going in for chemo. So we get there and we doing our regular routine and the doctor comes in to see her and it's not her every day doctor but still one of her doctors and he's checking her and I asked him about her results and he said well she has three tumors on one side and one on the other I swear to you I felt like I had a ton of bricks fall on me I said," what, what do you mean." He said there's tumors still there, I said," No Dr. Lee said he got it all." He said no there still there I could not talk to him any more, bare with me This is so hard for me to even try to replay it in my head. I stepped out and called Richard and said our baby still has cancer in both kidneys. He said," what." I told him he had to come down because I can't even talk to the doctor. He came right over and tried talking to the doctor but couldn't get straight answers so we waited around for her regular doctor because she was in a meeting. So while we waited Jessie got her chemo and we went to get some lunch and then we went back to talk to her doctor and she pretty much said that they don't know where they came from or if the tumors that they removed were blocking them and now there seeing them, they just have alot of I don't know answers which is driving us nuts so now she talking her case to a board meeting to see what there plan is going to be but there going to continue her chemo the way it is for now which is chemo every third Friday and she has two more left.I wish this was all over but, it's not and we are going to try to stay strong for our baby and Thank you Leo for all your support and tell pops thanks for praying for us it really means alot to us and to my cousin Danny Thank you too for all your support and for the rest of our family because seriously I don't think we could do this with out you guys! So the plan for now is to monitor them every couple weeks to make sure there not growing, one good thing is that they are very little.Please keep praying for my baby!

Ct scan

It was Wednesday morning on June 13th. Jessie has a ct scan and we are so nervous. We have been praying and thinking positive. It was really hard for me this morning because Richard has really not been able to take the time off of work so I was doing this with out him and that was tough. Although my mom was there with me, it's still hard for me. So it's one of those test that has to be on an empty stomach so this is really hard for Jessie because she needs her bottle but we got threw it. She did really well. It's really hard to see my baby get sedated but, if they don't sedate her she is not letting them touch her, she has been threw so much that she is traumatized. It was so hard for me to be in the ct room because I just wanted to ask them so bad what they saw but they really can't tell me anything and I know that. So after they were done they sent us back to the room and we got to go home once she had woken up. So now is the waiting game. Now we have to see the doctor on Friday and get the results.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Jessica's appointment

Jessie went in on June 1 st for her appointment. We went in thinking we were there for just blood work but no they wanted a urine sample and they needed to do a chest x-ray. They said it was a procedure they have to do after surgery. Chest x-ray came back good now were waiting for the urine test.Jessie is doing awesome. Doctor is scheduling a ct scan in the next couple of weeks so let's keep praying there is no cancer to be found in my baby's kidneys.Thanks Love You Guys!

Jessica's twelve treatment

Jessica's follow up appointments went really well. She know has an appointment with her doctor for chemo. The doctor said she is going to need five more chemos in the next fifteen weeks so every third Friday she has to go in for chemo. She has to go in every Friday to get her blood drawn to make sure her blood counts are where they should be. She got her chemo treatment on May 25 th. Her chemo is stronger then before so my baby was really sick on Saturday. Thank god she only has four more left. They have told us that she might have to get radiation at the very end but they are waiting for some test to come back. Jessie is doing great over all. Thank you guys!

Jessie is Home

Jessica recovered very well.We got to bring her home on May 14 th. We were so excited.She was so happy to be home she was really tired of being at the hospital. Jessie started to break out in these really big hives and the doctor's couldn't figure out why she was getting them. They finally said maybe she's allergic to the sheets or the detergent. So the doctor said it was time for us to go. That wasn't the only reason why they let us go they said she was doing great Jessie was eating and pooping just like they wanted her to.My daughter is my biggest inspiration. She has been such a trooper through all this. She is up and around like nothing you know if we had been through a surgery like that we would have still been in bed.Jessie has a couple check up appointments next week which I know are going to be great.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jessicas surgery 5/8/2007

Jessica went in to the hospital at 9:00 in the morning. Her surgery was scheduled for noon. She was pretty miserable because she couldn't eat or have a bottle. The surgery was supposed to be about three hours long. Her first surgery took longer than expected though so we all figured it would take more time as well. They took her in a little later than planned, around 12:45. Dr. Horvath, her oncologist came to visit her some time around 4:00. It was very nice of her to be there and show her support. She checked in on Jessie and said she didn't want to interrupt but it was good they were still working on her. It meant they were getting alot done. She recently was in Canada so she bought Jessie a little doll. She says Jessica reminds her of herself in her baby pictures. Its so nice to have such wonderful doctors. We had alot of family there as well. Her grandparents, her ninas and nino, as well as her uncles, aunts and cousins. Dr Lee, her surgeon came out some time after 7:00. He had an optimistic look on his face which brought so much relief to everyone. He said she did great! The CT scan she had a few weeks ago showed she still had a lesion on her left kidney as well as some on her upper right and the large one on her bottom right kidney. They removed all of the smaller lesions and did biopsy's on each of them. All of them were scar tissue. The chemo had gotten rid of all of them except the large one on the bottom. They took 1/3 of her bottom right kidney to remove the tumor. The biopsy showed it was still cancerous. The doctors felt that tumor was the original source. Originally the plan was to take half of her right kidney so it was a blessing to leave her with more. Dr. Lee said from what he could see all of the cancer is GONE! However as protocol she will still undergo more chemo. She was very drowsy from the anesthesia but when her parents came in to see her, Mom said "Hi Baby" and she opened her eyes and said "Hi." On Wednesday night she had a little fever so she was getting some Tylenol. Thursday morning the doctor said she can get up and walk a little if she felt up to it. They are having her sit up now to help get her intestines working. They would like her to pass some gas. Her kidneys started draining right away. If everything goes well she will be coming home on mothers day this Sunday. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Thank you for everything!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Results and surgery date

We called Jessica's doctor Monday morning and she said she say the ct scan and everything looked good. She couldn't exactly give us measurement because they still had not done a report on it.So she said she would send her test to the surgeon and he would give us a call. We then got a call about 4:30 pm from the surgeon out in sunset. He said everything looks good that he only sees a little spot on her left kidney and he still sees quite a few on her right. So what he plans on doing is going in and taking the one tumor out of her left and then removing half of her right kidney . We have a pre op appointment on May 4Th so we can think of lots of questions to ask then so if you guys can think of any feel free to call me and I can right them down because it could be something we forget to ask.He said they would be going in the same spot they did he biopsy but making it a little bigger. He also said she would probably be there for about five days to recuperate. Her surgery date is May 8Th some time in the afternoon.It will be at Kaiser in Sunset with Dr. Lee.He didn't know if she would need more chemo after surgery or if she does he will let us know after surgery because he's going to have a better idea after he's gone in and actually seen everything.Please keep praying we really appreciate it and we will keep you all posted.

Ct scan

It was Wednesday morning and we had to check in at 7:30. Jessica Had to have nothing to drink after 3 am. Which is hard because she wakes up asking for a bottle, so we got threw that so by the time we got to the hospital they hooked her to an Iv and then they gave her a bottle of stuff she has to drink that is mixed in with apple juice so she drank that and two hours later they sedated her. Then we took her down to get her ct scan and that didn't take long and of course they can't tell you anything they see so that's pretty frustrating. So we then took her to her room and waited for her to wake up. A couple hours went by and she then woke up and we got to take her home and now we wait for the results.Which could be days.

Jessica's twelth treatment

I'm so sorry it's taken this long to update. I feel like I'm always doing something and when I want to get on Jessica wants to help me and that doesn't really work.So Jessica had her treatment Friday April the 13Th. We went in and Jessica knows her routine so she leads the way and after we've seen the doctor she goes to a play room where she gets to see her friends.We then got called in and she got her chemo. She did really well. We then went home and she took her long nap that she normally takes after her chemo.Now we wait for the ct scan on April the 18.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Happy Easter to everyone! Just want you to know that Jessica had a great Easter. She is feeling much better and the most important thing is that she got to spend it with her whole family! I was really worried that she might get admitted because she was sick but thank god she didn't. She is too cute we let Lauryn and Jessica go look for the Easter eggs and let me tell you she caught on to that game real quick she filled her basket up in no time! She is the cutest thing ever! She really had a great time. Sorry I could go on and on about how beautiful my baby is I just can't help it. Well hope you all had a wonderful Easter too.

Jessica's eleventh treatment

On Friday April 6 th Jessica had her doctors appointment. She was not feeling well. Jessie had a runny nose and a real nasty cough. We took her in and the doctor saw her, and said she didn't think she would get her treatment because she didn't sound really well. The doctor sent us over to have an x ray done on her chest. So we did that, and then took the results back to the doctor and she said Jessie had bronchitis. So Jessie did not get her chemo that day.She has to get better so she gave her an antibiotic and we would see her next Friday. Jessica has to be really healthy for her surgery so we are doing our best to keep her healthy. Jessie has her ct scan appointment on Wednesday April 18 th. Then they will give us a surgery date so we will keep every body posted. I want to thank every one that comments on her page it really means a lot to us. Makes us feel like we have a family that cares and most important wants to know how our baby is doing!Thanks again!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Jessica's tenth treatment

On Friday March 30th Jessica got her tenth treatment. It was one of her stronger treatments. She got sick on and off all weekend. But besides that she is doing pretty good. She has two more treatments and then she has a ct scan on April 18th. Then they decide on her surgery date. The doctor has informed us that the doctor at St. Jude has offered to do her surgery if our surgeon is not confident enough which is wonder full news.As of Monday April 2 Jessica has a nasty little cold so we are dealing with that right now and praying she doesn't get a fever because if she gets a fever we have to take her in a she will get admitted. We will keep you up dated on her surgery date. Thank you for all your prayers!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jessica's ninth treatment

It was Friday march 23 and Jessica got her treatment. She did really well! The doctor also informed us that she only plans on giving her three more treatments. That is great news but scary. She asked us if she could get a second opinion from a doctor from St. Jude out in Memphis Tennessee. We of course said yes.Jessica has done so well we are so amazed, but just when we thought our lives couldn't have gotten worse they did.Jessica had a little accident this weekend. It was Saturday evening while we were all out back doing yard work, Hailee wanted to get in Jessica's baby swing , now Jess has a swing you mount to your patio so my mom put Hailee in it. While Hailee is swinging my mom is holding Jessica in her arms, Hailee wants Jess to sit on her lap so my mom put Jess on there and thought it would be okay since she was standing right in front of them. Well Hailee felt like she was slipping off so she started to wiggle herself back into the swing so to make a long story short they both slipped right out of the swing on to the concrete. I was out back also so when they were falling I saw them right before they hit the ground. All I heard was Jessica's head hit the ground. I rushed over to them and picked the baby up and checked her head and I applied ice on it but I couldn't see anything so I took her out back to tell Richard because he hadn't seen what had happened, so when I told him he took Jessica from me and then I started to check her head again when I saw blood coming out of her ear. It was one of the scariest moments in my life but I have had many of those.So I immediately called 911.They came pretty fast and took her in. They did a ct scan and thank god it came back negative. They said she must have ruptured a membrane in her ear and that's where the blood was coming from. So they released us but before we left the emergency room we asked the doctor if they were going to run any more test because I felt something else was wrong with her or she was just really sore from the fall and the doctor said she's okay. So we went home and it was about midnight and I put Jessica in bed and she laid in that same spot all night which is not like her because she is a wiggler so I said to Richard something is wrong with her.So I took her shirt off and sure enough she had a bump and a bruise on her shoulder so we took her back to the emergency and they took some x rays and sure enough she had a broken collar bone.My poor baby is going threw so much. There are days when I just feel like I can't handle this any more I try thinking positive but I just can't understand why god lets things like this happen.It's just not right.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Results / eighth treatment

Friday March 16th Jessica had her doctors appointment and the doctor was going to go over the ct scan with us. She had very good news for us! The tumors have shrunk tremendously! She had three tumors in her left kidney and now there is only two. Her right kidney still has seven but they have gotten smaller. She talked it over with one of the doctors and he suggest to do six more treatments since it has responded so well. So were back, every Friday is treatment day. We are praying that they just disappear. So,that Friday she had her chemo and she did very well. Her sister had a tee ball game on Saturday and the doctor said it would be okay to take her if we just stayed back from the crowd, so that was very exciting for Jess because she doesn't get out much! We even went to her cousin Alyssa's game. It was a very busy day for her she was done after that.Thanks for reading up on Jessica and will keep you posted.


It was Tuesday morning and we left the house at 7 am to be at the hospital by 8 am. It was an interesting car ride because Jessica is use to having a morning bottle. So mommy sat in the back with her to keep her busy.When we arrived there we were checked in and got a room.I asked her nurse if they were going to have her drink some stuff for her ct scan and he said,"yes". So I said maybe you should order it because Jessica is ready for a bottle, now I didn't know how well she was going to do because when she had her first ct scan she did not want to drink that stuff and it took forever for her to drink it. Well this time it was much easier she almost didn't care what was in her bottle she just wanted a bottle. So she drank half of it pretty quickly but then she wanted no part of the rest, so we had to wait about an hour then she started to fall asleep so I stuck it in her mouth and she drank it. Then they were ready to take her in so I carried her because she was sleeping. When I put her down on the bed in the ct room she woke up and started to freak out. Jessica was having no part of it and she was not going to cooperate. So they said we have to go back to our room and they are going to have to sedate her.We were not very happy about that but what can we do. So we had to wait two hours till her fluids went down then they would sedate her. It didn't take much time for her to be out. By one o'clock we were back in the ct room it went really smooth. By 4 o'clock the nurse came in and said he had to wipe her face with a wet wash cloth to wake her up. He did and she woke up but for only a minute. Then he brought her a bottle of pedialite to see if she would hold it down and she did so then about forty minutes later he brought her a milk bottle and she held that down as well so they let us come home.Now waiting for the results..!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Jessica's seventh treatment

It's Friday night and Jessica has had her seventh treatment! She is not feeling so great but my little trooper is hanging in there. She just got a little sick but mommy is taking good care of her. Her day at the doctors went pretty well. We received some news today that we were not expecting. Jessica is having a ct scan on Tuesday march the 13 th at 8:00 am. We probably won't get any results right away because they need to schedule an appointment with the surgeon and he will then go over the results with us and tell us if he thinks it's time to go in or if she needs more chemo.It was a little over whelming but at the same time it was exciting ,we are praying for the best and hope that god has cured our baby! We really have faith that the chemo has done it's job and soon our lives can be back to normal. Because we are really missing our family and friends.So please keep praying for us and will keep you guys up dated. We love you guys!xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Bake Sale

This weekend we received a card in the mail . Inside were some beautiful pictures of our family and friends having a bake sale for our baby Jessica. It really touched our hearts to see so many wonderful people get together and do this for us. We really appreciate it. I can't wait for Jessica to get threw this so when she gets older I can show her pictures of what our family did for us in a time of need. Thank you again and thank you for all your prayers and support! We love you guys! Special thanks to Sophia and her family Tia Kristina,and uncle Raul, Raul Jr and Dalia Susan,Lupe ,Marlene,and Shandra Villa Senor. Thank you guys again and everyone else that was there supporting us.

Jessica's sixth Treatment

Jessica had another treatment and she is doing great! Jessica has been such an inspiration to us, she amazes us every day. We are half way there till her ct scan. Six more weeks till they tell us this is all over and then it will be time to celebrate I mean party I was thinking along the lines of maybe renting out Disneyland for the day lol. I want to thank everyone for all you prayers it really means alot to us!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jessicas fifth treatment

It's Friday morning February 23 and it's that time again. My poor Jessie has to be so tired of this already but little does she know this is going to make her all better. This treatment was a little different, because her regular nurses were not there so we could call it crazy. As the nurse was getting her meds ready it looked like she really didn't know what she was doing, so to us that was a bit scary. So of course mom is watching and paying attention when I notice that the needle she is going to access the portacath with is not the right one I mean this needle is huge, so I told her that is not the right one so she says Oh I am sorry so she pulls another one out and I said that's not the right one either and she says oh yes it is that is what my paper work says and I said no its not so anyways she proceeded to continue and when she inserted it, it didn't even go in all the way hmm maybe because it wasn't the right needle. So to make a long story short we were not happy. But most important our daughter responded to the treatment very well and we are so glad to be home with her. I also want to say thank you to a wonderful person that is in our lives and is helping us get threw this emotionally and financially that person would be our auntie Sarah and we can't forget our uncle Joe I know it's a big adjustment for them and we really want you guys to know we are very thankful. I pray every night that this will be all over soon and that god cures our Jessie soon and our lives can be back to normal. Thank you guys again. We love you!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jessica's 4th treatment

Jessica had her 4th treatment on February 16, 2007. It was a friday morning and we went in at 9:00 am. They checked her vitals, drew her blood and we waited anxiously for her results to come in. To our relief all her results came back normal. They then administered Zofran and then gave Jessica her Chemo therapy (2 different types). This was one of Jessica's stronger chemo's so Jessica was feeling a little nautious. She slept alot. From then on Jessica has had a slight cold and cough but other than that she is doing great.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The car wash

Saturday Feb, 10th

We would like to thank all of our family and friends who helped. It was supposed to be a surprise even though we found out it was still a great surprise to us! I wish I could share these feelings we are having knowing all these people care about us. Its so nice to know when we are in need our family and friends are there! I also want to thank everyone who came and had their car washed it means the world to us. Also those of you who only donated and didn't even have their car washed your generosity means so much as well.

Jessicas third treatment

Friday Feb, 9th

Jessica went in and had her third treatment. She did great! She walked in to the doctors office like she knew where she was going, and let me tell you she has those nurses wrapped around her little finger. After the treatment she napped. She hasn't seemed to show any signs of side effects.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

NIght before treatment

It's Thursday night. Jessica is playing with her sister and cousin. She seems very energetic and full of life. You wouldn't know she was sick. We start to feel apprehensive thinking about tomorrow. We just hope it goes as smoothly as last week. So we'll wake up in the morning and get Hailee off to school as we head to Fontana. Please continue to pray for us.

Jessicas second treatment

February 2, 2007

Jessica receives chemo-therapy every Friday at 9:00 in the morning. Her second treatment went very well. When she went in they checked her ears and mouth. She played in the playroom while waiting for the nurse to order her medicine (vincristin). When it was ready we were called into the treatment room. That's when Jessica proceeded to freak out. Shes not to fond of the nurses. They accessed her portacath and drew blood. After they drew blood they injected her medicine. Then we went home and Jessica was so glad to get out of there! About an hour later they called and told us her blood tests were fine. Jessica fell asleep and stayed that way for three hours.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Uncle Joes Story

When I got out of the Navy in November of 05. I left my wife and baby girl to start looking for work in California. They were going to move down in February. I moved in with my brother and his family. He has 2 daugthers that live with him one that doesn't. I absolutely adore his children. Their names are Brittany(8), Hailee(6) and Jessica(15 months). I love my family. I have a loving wife(Sarah), a Wonderful son(Marcus) and my baby girl(Lauryn). I had lived my life for the past 10 years in the Navy with my wife, our daughter and our friends. I had never been back except for a week or two throughout the years. It was finally time to be back in my sons life. To be there for him. To be with my family. It was a pretty big step for me. For my family. I felt sad that l left my them in Washington. I even felt a little guilty holding my brothers baby Jess. It was kinda like cheating on my baby. I was apprehensive. Eventually I stopped being that way. Maybe it was the way her face lit up when Uncle Joe came into the room. It was something. I have seen her almost everyday that I have been back in California. She is a wonderful baby. I love her. She helped me feel better when I missed my wife and baby the most. Now my baby and her play and fight and hug each other it is so wonderful. I have never experienced this before even with my son. I was gone to much.I love my family. Now the hard part. Last week my sister-in-law found a lump in Jess's stomach. Thursday they did an ultrasound, Friday a CT scan,Saturday a Biopsy. She is 15 months old and she has tumors in both kidneys. She is 15 months old and she has cancer. I am not one to ask people to pray so if you do please do if you don't just keep us in your thoughts. I love my family.

Jessicas Story

Jessica Kristin Riboni was born on a Friday afternoon October 7th 2005. What a beautiful day! She's perfect, ten fingers, ten toes. A mini Hailee was born! Jessica has learned so much since that day. Holding her own bottle, feeding herself, crawling, walking, she even has a few words she occasionally shares. Fifteen months and she has anyone who meets her wrapped around her little finger. She is incredibly strong and smart and loving. These are all things she is really going to prove now that this little baby has been faced with such an incredible challenge. Less than two years old and shes going to beat cancer!

January 16th, A lump! in her stomach. Initially thinking maybe it was a hernia from vomiting to hard. That evening at the doctor can you imagine the fear her parents are going through. Please let it be nothing!

January 17th, Ultrasound. Could be a few different things maybe a benign growth, a tumor, Oh please God not cancer! after spending the afternoon at he Riverside Kaiser she was sent to see the specialists in Hollywood. After four long days, a surgery and Hailees birthday party in the waiting room she comes home.

Jessica has been diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms tumors. Both of her kidneys.

January 26th, Jessica started Chemo Therapy. She was not feeling well before the treatment. The night before she had been vomiting and at the doctors she developed a fever. this led to a five day stay. At least Hailee got to spend the night once. Slumber Party!!!!

This is just an obstacle to jump. Thank god Jessica is so strong! She is lucky to have been blessed with wonderful parents and great big sisters as well as an incredibly huge group of friends and family. We are here to pick each other up when we're down and pull through this together!